Hello parents. 
One of the common themes I ran into during conferences was that there is not way to know for sure what your child is supposed to be working on.  If they do not update their Raven Books independently, or their teachers do not make them use the planners, then they are not used.  I ran into this problem myself as a high school and a college student.  A paper planner can be a great tool, but only is it is used correctly.  In the same way, a screwdriver can be the right tool for the job, but for bigger jobs a drill may be a more helpful tool. 

For some students, a change of the tool may make doing the same tasks more engaging, and they may be willing to do them long enough to build the right habits.  Something I will be trying with a student or two is the implementation of Google Apps for the purpose of creating an organized flow of information to you and your student.  A Google Calendar will allow your student to have access to the calendars [some of] their teachers update with the assignment/ project explanations and handouts. 

This is not a program or policy that TFMS or SVSD has adopted [yet], but if it a useful tool for your child, I want to be able to provide this for them.  Creating a Google account for your child (under your supervision) is primarily for the calendar and the Google Docs applications at this time.  Please comment below with any questions you may have. 

Thank you.

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